Pickles: hamburger chips and spears

I made my first batch of zucchini bread last week and yesterday I canned some pickles!

image     image

Proverbs 31:10  Who can find a virtuous woman, her price is far above rubies…vs. 16  b,…with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.




Harvest time in my back yard

Today I did research on when to harvest cabbage.  I had 3 that were ready.

We had that big one for dinner tonight with some cornbread and chicken, mmm sure was good.

The tomatoes and zucchini were picked this weekend.  It’s time for zucchini bread.  Put your orders in now!



Instead of building a mound for planting watermelon and cantaloupe, just take a bag of soil, punch holes in the bottom, cut the top out and set your seedling or plant your seeds!


I am so happy my African Violet is blooming! I’m finally learning how to take care of them.

“I am the true vine and my Father is the gardener…”

I am trying straw bale gardening this year.  I bought two straw bales at six bucks each  I followed instructions I found online.  Oh yes, there is a process to go through prior to planting.  The collards on the previous page are from the bale on the left. They were delicious mixed with some kale…mmmm!


John 15:2 KJV
[2] Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.